Iraqi Anti-Terror Group Issues Warning to Israel over Hezbollah Commander's Killing

Iraqi Anti-Terror Group Issues Warning to Israel over Hezbollah Commander's Killing

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An Iraqi anti-terror group has issued a stern warning to Israel following the killing of a senior Hezbollah commander in recent Israeli strikes on Lebanon, stating that the enemy will face a significant retaliation.

Secretary General of the Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba Akram al-Kaabi conveyed the message on Thursday, days after Talib Sami Abdallah (Abu Talib) was killed along with three others in Israeli strikes targeting a residential building in Jwaya, southern Lebanon.

Kaabi offered condolences to Hezbollah leader Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, Lebanese resistance fighters, and Abu Talib’s family, emphasizing the commander's sacrifice for Islamic values.

“True men have promised to make the enemy pay a heavy ... price very soon for shedding pure bloods,” he added.

“The enemies should know that the resistance of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iran will not stop their jihad (endeavor for the sake of God) until the liberation of al-Quds from .... occupiers.”

In response to the Israeli attacks, Hezbollah launched approximately 215 rockets, alongside missiles and drones, towards northern occupied Palestinian territories on Wednesday, marking its largest attack in the ongoing border clashes with the Israeli regime.

Israeli media said the barrages marked the largest attack carried out by Hezbollah during the ongoing exchange of fire on the border with the occupied lands.

During a funeral procession in Beirut, Sheikh Hashem Safieddine, head of Hezbollah's Executive Council, promised to intensify retaliatory operations, stating that resistance only grows stronger after the loss of its commanders.

“If the enemy is screaming and moaning about what happened to it in northern Palestine, let him prepare himself to cry and wail,” he stated.

Hezbollah and Israel have been engaged in escalating confrontations since early October, triggered by Israel's brutal operations in Gaza.

Hezbollah has pledged to continue its attacks as long as Israel persists in its Gaza offensive, which has resulted in the deaths of at least 37,232 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and left 85,037 others injured.

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