Iran Hails French Police’s Operation against MKO Terrorists’ Headquarters

Iran Hails French Police’s Operation against MKO Terrorists’ Headquarters

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A senior Iranian Judiciary official hailed a raid by the French police on the headquarters of the terrorist Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) in Paris.  

In a post on X, Kazem Gharibabadi, the Judiciary’s deputy for international affairs, said Iran welcomes the raid, the arrest of three MKO members and the sealing of the terrorist group’s headquarters.

He noted that the operation was monitored live by Iran.

“We will leave no place safe for terrorists,” he added.

During the raid on Wednesday, the French police arrested three members of the terror outfit.

According to Le Parisien, some weapons were also found there during the raid, which indicates the group continues its terrorist and criminal activities.

MKO members spent many years in Iraq, where they were hosted and armed by the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. They sided with Saddam during the 1980-88 imposed war against Iran and then helped him quell domestic uprisings in various parts of the Arab country.

The notorious group is responsible for killing thousands of Iranian civilians and officials after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

More than 17,000 Iranians, many of them civilians, have been killed at the hands of the MKO in different acts of terrorism including bombings in public places, and targeted killings.

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