Yemeni Armed Forces Announce New Anti-Israel, Anti-US Operations

Yemeni Armed Forces Announce New Anti-Israel, Anti-US Operations

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Yemeni Armed Forces launched new operations targeting three vessels in nearby waters, including an American destroyer, using missiles and drones.

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, spokesman for the Yemeni army, announced the operations late Sunday.

He stated the operations were in retaliation for Israel’s attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and acts of aggression by the United States and the UK against Yemen.

"The first operation targeted an American destroyer with ballistic missiles," said Saree.

"The second operation targeted the ship Captain Paris with naval missiles as it attempted to violate the Yemeni army’s ban on access to ports in the occupied Palestinian territories," he added.

Both attacks occurred in the Red Sea.

Saree noted that the third operation involved the Yemeni army’s Unmanned Air Force unit, which targeted the Happy Condor ship in the Arabian Sea with drones.

The Happy Condor's owning company was accused of trying to breach the ban on entry into ports in occupied Palestine.

Saree emphasized that Yemeni Armed Forces would continue these operations in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza and in response to US and UK aggression against Yemen.

He stated operations would only cease when the Israeli assault on Gaza ends and the siege is lifted.

Since October 7, when Israel began its military campaign in Gaza, Yemeni forces have targeted Israel-linked ships and vessels heading towards occupied Palestinian territories.

More than 37,300 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed, and 85,299 injured in the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

Yemeni forces have also targeted American and British vessels in retaliation for attacks on Yemen by the US and UK, aiming to halt their pro-Palestinian operations.

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