Anti-Regime Israeli Protesters Demanding Netanyahu's Ouster over Gaza War

Anti-Regime Israeli Protesters Demanding Netanyahu's Ouster over Gaza War

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Thousands of protesters gathered in al-Quds on Monday, calling for the resignation of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu due to his mishandling of the ongoing genocidal war in Gaza.

Protesters gathered near the Knesset, calling for new elections.

They then marched towards Netanyahu's residence, with some chanting, "Down with the tyrant!"

The protesters criticized Netanyahu's refusal to negotiate with Palestinian resistance groups for the release of Israeli captives held in Gaza.

Around 250 Israelis were taken captive on October 7 last year during a significant retaliatory operation by Gaza's resistance movements against Israel.

In response, Israel launched a brutal war that has resulted in the deaths of at least 37,337 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

In November, a week-long truce saw Hamas release 105 captives in exchange for approximately 240 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

Since then, Hamas has proposed two more truces. However, Israel rejected one proposal and did not respond to the other, escalating the war and resulting in the deaths of many remaining captives.

After reaching Netanyahu's residence, some protesters attempted to breach police barriers but were pushed back.

At one point, a bonfire was lit in the street, prompting police to use a water cannon to disperse the crowd.

Three protesters were hospitalized, and nine were arrested.

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