China Warns of Potential Trade War as EU Proposes Tariffs on Chinese EV Imports

China Warns of Potential Trade War as EU Proposes Tariffs on Chinese EV Imports

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - China's Ministry of Commerce has raised alarms over the European Union's escalating trade tensions, warning that it could lead to a "trade war."

The European Commission recently suggested imposing tariffs as high as 38.1% on electric vehicle (EV) imports from China, a move that has sparked objections from Beijing, PressTV reported.

The decision has strained trade relations, raising the prospect of retaliatory measures from China, the world's second-largest economy.

"Responsibility lies entirely with the EU side," a Chinese ministry spokesperson said in a statement on Friday.

The spokesperson expressed Beijing’s desire for the EU to engage in dialogue and find a middle ground to address differences, to prevent trade friction from escalating or spiraling out of control.

The tariffs are a response to concerns from Brussels regarding Beijing's subsidies, which are believed to be negatively impacting European automakers.

The tariffs will apply to EVs exported to Europe by both Chinese and foreign brands, including Tesla.

Friday’s statement from the commerce ministry was released approximately one hour before German Economy Minister Robert Habeck's arrival in Beijing.

During his visit, Habeck is anticipated to clarify the recent tariff announcement to Chinese officials and address any concerns of potential retaliation from China that may negatively impact German businesses.


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