42 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Strikes on Gaza's Shati Camp, Tuffah Neighborhood

42 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Strikes on Gaza's Shati Camp, Tuffah Neighborhood

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Israeli airstrikes have claimed the lives of 42 Palestinians in the Shati refugee camp and Tuffah neighborhood in Gaza, as reported by the head of Gaza’s Government Media Office.

In the Shati refugee camp, 24 people were killed in seven homes. An additional 18 individuals lost their lives in Tuffah residential neighborhood.

The Israeli military targeted a residential area in the Shati refugee camp, situated on Gaza's western side.

This location has been identified as a refuge for Palestinians from the north, particularly those from Jabalia refugee camp and Beit Lahiya, amid ongoing operations in Jabalia.

The scene is distressing, with several residential buildings either completely or partially destroyed.

Rescuers, alongside civilians, are sifting through the rubble in a desperate attempt to find survivors.

Al-Aqsa Hospital is witnessing a surge in casualties as more Palestinians are reported killed and injured.

Despite previously announcing control over northern Gaza, Israel continues to strike areas it had already operated in.

Gaza’s civil defense spokesperson, Mahmoud Basal, informed Al Jazeera that reaching victims of the Israeli shelling in Shati refugee camp is “very difficult.”

Basal highlighted the challenges, stating that the civil defense’s capabilities are limited compared to the scale of destruction.

Rescue teams continue to search for missing individuals beneath the rubble, though the number of those trapped remains unknown.

The intense shelling has reduced the residential square to dust, with several residential buildings in the camp being targeted by Israeli jets.

Since October 7, the death toll in Gaza from Israeli attacks has risen to 37,551, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

Additionally, another 85,911 Palestinians have been wounded in these attacks.

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