Trump Says He Has Chosen Running Mate for US Presidential Election

Trump Says He Has Chosen Running Mate for US Presidential Election

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Former US president Donald Trump on Saturday said that he has decided on a running mate for the US presidential election in November, but has not yet told anyone about it.

When asked by a reporter on Saturday in Philadelphia whether he had decided on his pick for vice president, Trump replied: "In my mind, yeah." Asked if anyone knew his selection, he said, "No, nobody knows," DPA reported.

Trump had travelled to Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania for a campaign appearance and beforehand stopped off at a steak restaurant, where he was cheered by supporters and also answered a few questions from reporters.

Democratic incumbent president Joe Biden and his predecessor are all but guaranteed to face off on November 5 in a rematch of the 2020 presidential election, after both achieved the required number of delegates to be nominated as candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties respectively.

Biden, 81, is running with current Vice President Kamala Harris, who, like him, is struggling with poor popularity ratings. Trump, 78, has been letting speculation run wild for months as to who he will pick as his running mate.

Before his trip to Philadelphia, Trump canvassed for votes at a meeting of politically influential evangelical Christians in the US capital Washington.

Biden, meanwhile, was spending the weekend at Camp David near Washington to prepare for the televised debate between him and Trump set for Thursday.

Trump's nomination won't be official until the Republican Party Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July. The Democrats will officially select their candidate in Chicago in August.

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