Iraqi Analyst: Terrorists Seeking to Stir Sectarian Strife in Region

Iraqi Analyst: Terrorists Seeking to Stir Sectarian Strife in Region

THERAN (Tasnim) - An Iraqi academic figure and analyst stated that terrorist attacks in the region, Iraq and Syria in particular, are part of a broader effort to push the Middle East into sectarian strife.

Speaking to Tasnim on Saturday, former Director of the Center for the International Studies at the University of Baghdad Sattar Jaber al-Jaberi announced that the ongoing terrorist attacks, as well as sectarian and religious plots all over the Middle East are aimed at hindering development of regional nations.

“These (terrorist) plots seek to push the whole region into a religious sedition. Herein, Iraq is merely one of the regions and battlefields that has been targeted by terrorism,” the Iraqi analyst pointed out.

Pointing to the tense conditions in the region including terrorist attacks in Iraq, the Syrian crisis and unrest in Egypt and Lebanon, al-Jaberi blamed the regional violence on the US and Israel, saying the malicious plots are being masterminded by the “US-Zionist axis” and carried out by certain countries as proxies of the West.

“Today, everybody is aware that the triple axis of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey seek to disrupt the calm and plunge the region into sedition and religious-sectarian plots,” he added.

In relevant remarks in April 2013, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei warned against enemy plots to turn Islamic Awakening movements into sectarian and ethnic conflicts.

“Western and Zionist intelligence services are seriously and relentlessly pursuing this plot with the help of petrodollars and traitorous politicians from the East of Asia to the North of Africa and particularly in the Arab region,” Ayatollah Khamenei said in an opening speech at the “Scholars and Islamic Awakening Conference” in Tehran at the time.




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