Arab League Discusses Syria Crisis

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Arab League foreign ministers urged the international community and the United Nations to take "deterrent" action against the Syrian regime over its alleged use of chemical weapons.

Arab League Discusses Syria Crisis

"The United Nations and the international community are called upon to assume their responsibilities in line with the UN Charter and international law by taking the necessary deterrent measures,” the ministers said in a statement on Sunday following a meeting in Cairo.

The foreign ministers also said those responsible for the attack should face trial, as other "war criminals" have done.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia and the Syrian opposition had pleaded with League members to back a US military strike on the regime.

However, some influential members of the League, including Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia and Algeria, have expressed opposition to foreign military intervention, Al Jazeera reported.

Egypt's foreign minister on Sunday said that his nation objected to "any aggression in Syria".

The US claims it has evidence that the Syrian troops launched the August 21 chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus, which it says killed more than 1,400 people. Damascus denies it was behind the attacks.



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