MP Terms Current US Policies towards Iran ‘Unreliable’

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An Iranian lawmaker said on Saturday the US track record of anti-Iran actions before and after the Islamic Revolution proves that officials of that country are not reliable at all.

MP Terms Current US Policies towards Iran ‘Unreliable’

“The US has throughout the years before and after the revolution made moves against our country, our nation, our policies, and the ideals of the Iranian revolution,”  Fatemeh Rahbar, an MP from Tehran, told Tasnim News Agency.

“Therefore, (the Americans) have been tested in this respect and their numerous anti-Iran actions are proof that no trust can be put in American politicians,” argued Rahbar.

She said that the US and European policies have been so intertwined with the policies of the Zionists that they are bound to be clash with policies adopted and pursued by Tehran.

“Therefore, trusting the present day policies of the American politicians, too, would be an idle, useless, and repetitive,” said the MP.

She hailed the stances adopted by the Iranian delegation during its New York Trip late last month, but said that the phone conversations between Iranian and US presidents and the direct meeting between the top diplomats of the two countries once again proved to all that the US government is not reliable.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, too, had in his first reaction to the New York visits and a phone talks between the Iranian and US presidents, said some days ago, "While we are optimistic about our government's diplomatic staff, we are pessimistic about the Americans. The US government is not trustworthy, is selfish, and it breaks its promises.”

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