Speaker Urges West to Avoid Deceptive Policy on Iran's N. Issue

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani called on the western powers to avoid deceptive practices in dealing with Tehran’s peaceful nuclear program, saying that only faithful attitudes can help advance the nuclear talks with Iran.

Speaker Urges West to Avoid Deceptive Policy on Iran's N. Issue

Speaking in a cultural ceremony on Thursday evening here in Tehran, Larijani cautioned the world powers to avoid deceitful behavior towards Iran and its peaceful nuclear program, reiterating that the Islamic Republic will not roll back its peaceful nuclear activities.

“If you do not play tricks, you can go ahead with the (nuclear) negotiations with Iran,” the speaker warned, referring to certain western countries’ insincere approach to deal with Iran’s nuclear case.

Iran and Group 5+1 (the US, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany) on November 24 signed a six-month deal on Tehran’s nuclear program based on which the world powers agreed to suspend some non-essential sanctions and to impose no new nuclear-related bans in return for Tehran's decision to freeze parts of its nuclear activities and to allow more inspection of its nuclear facilities.

The two sides have also agreed that the landmark nuclear deal would come into force on January 20, with both gearing up to take balanced, proportional steps in a period of six months to pave the way for a final solution.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian speaker criticized the western countries for failing to honor their previous commitments in talks with Iran, and said they played tricks on Iran even though Tehran agreed to suspend part of its nuclear activities in the past.

In relevant remarks in December 2013, Leader's Adviser for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati said the country's negotiators should keep vigilant against the western move to breach the Geneva deal.

"We should be careful about other parties' (world powers') steps which may violate the Geneva regulations and agreements," he said at the time.

The former Iranian foreign minister stressed that the nuclear talks must proceed within the framework of Iran’s nuclear rights, adding that the Iranian team in the negotiations must defend the inalienable rights of the nation.

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