Speaker Reiterates Iran's Support for Tunisian Revolution

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani reaffirmed that Tehran supports the pro-democracy revolutions in the regional Arab countries, as in Tunisia, warning that Washington tries to portray such uprisings as abortive.

Speaker Reiterates Iran's Support for Tunisian Revolution

Speaking at a press conference in Iran’s embassy in the Tunisian capital on Friday, Larijani clarified Iran’s stances on the developments in Tunisia, stressing that Tehran always supports the democratic revolutions in the region’s Arab countries, like the Tunisian revolution.

Such revolutions have stood against tyranny and dictatorship, the speaker said of the Islamic Awakening movements that have prevailed in several Middle East and North Africa countries since 2011.

Larijani also denounced Washington’s hegemonic policies, which he said aim to increase its influence among the Arab states.

He went on to say that the US seeks to downplay the regional revolutions against despotic regimes, noting that nobody can block the Tunisian revolution’s success.

Hailing the current status of political relations between Tehran and Tunis, Larijani further called for the expansion of trade ties between the two Muslim countries.

In relevant remarks earlier on Friday, Larijani delivered a speech to Tunisia’s National Assembly, and lashed out at the US for throwing a wrench in the trend of the revolutions that have occurred in the region in recent years.

“Even after the revolutions that happened in the region, the US and Israel tried to divert and devastate some of the revolutions so that Israel can benefit,” he said in a ceremony, held in Tunisia’s capital to mark the North African country’s newly adopted constitution.

Some three years from the outset of the Islamic Awakening movements in the region, Tunisia is moving towards full democracy with a newly adopted constitution and caretaker government.

The Tunisian constitution was approved on January 26, after receiving 200 of the 216 votes in the country’s National Constituent Assembly.

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