Iran Slams Powers’ Support for Terrorist Groups

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani deplored certain world powers for sponsoring terrorist groups including ISIL as part of attempts to undermine the unity of the Islamic world.

Iran Slams Powers’ Support for Terrorist Groups

“They (world powers) were worried about unity of the Islamic World and knew that if the Muslims get united their (powers') interests would be in danger,” said the Iranian president in a meeting with provincial officials in the western province of Lorestan on Monday.

Rouhani also criticized the Western powers’ hypocritical approach towards the issue of terrorism in the region.

“When they express concern about division, savagery and carnage in the region, they are uttering sheer lie, because they know that such issues lead to the underdevelopment of the Muslim countries and on the other hand make Muslims more dependent on them,” the Iranian president reiterated.

Rouhani’s comments come against the backdrop of mounting terror activities by ISIL militants in Iraq and Syria.

The Iranian President has already condemned terrorist attacks by the members of Islamic State in Iraq and Levant describing it as major security challenge in the region.

Earlier on Saturday, Rouhani said there is no doubt that certain foreign states arm and fund terrorist groups. The Iranian president also warned that such terrorist groups will scourge their sponsors in future. He also said Tehran will give a crushing response to any terrorist groups attempting to approach Iranian borders.

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