Iran Making Missiles Proportional to Threats: DM

Iran Making Missiles Proportional to Threats: DM

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said the country will keep manufacturing different kinds of missiles to counter diverse threats regardless of comments by outsiders.

“Proportional to the threats, we deem it necessary to design, manufacture and test all kinds of missiles including ballistic, cruise and air defense, and stage maneuvers at the proper time,” Dehqan said in a televised interview on Saturday night.

He also noted that Tehran extends the range of its missiles according to the “threat factors”, adding that the ranges of Iranian missiles are now sufficient for countering the threats and there is no need for longer ranges.

While Iran and the six world powers finalized the text of a lasting agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program on July 14, Iranian officials have time and again noted that the country’s military capabilities would not be affected by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or a resolution that the United Nations Security Council passed later to endorse the JCPOA.

President Hassan Rouhani gave an assurance in early August that the 159-page nuclear deal would not put any restrictions on the country’s defense capabilities or undermine its national security.

“The implementation of this deal (JCPOA) and this resolution (UNSC Resolution 2231) not only would not cause any problem for (Iran’s) defense power and national security, but the arms embargos (against Iran) have turned into limitations in the very same resolution,” he stressed.

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