Egypt Holds Final 2 Days of Voting in Parliament Elections

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TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Egyptian polling centers in nearly half of the country, including in the capital of Cairo, opened Tuesday their doors to voters for the final round of runoffs in parliament elections.

The balloting is for Egypt’s first legislature since parliament was dissolved by a court ruling in 2012.

Tens of thousands of troops and policemen have been deployed to safeguard the two-day vote, which started on Tuesday, AP reported.

The new parliament will contain 568 elected members - 448 elected on an individual basis and 120 through winner-takes-all lists. Sisi may further appoint up to 28 lawmakers.

Results will be announced later this week and parliament is to hold its inaugural session later in December.

Egyptians have participated in two presidential elections, two parliamentary elections and three constitutional referendums since the 2011 uprising. Polls often drag out over several weeks with different rounds and run-offs draining them of momentum.

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