Hezbollah Rejects Saudi “Anti-Terror” Bid

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement strongly rejected Lebanon joining an alliance of what the Saudi regime calls “anti-terror coalition”, accusing the coalition of being an American project.

Hezbollah Rejects Saudi “Anti-Terror” Bid

A statement by the resistance movement on Thursday said the “suspicious” alliance aimed to bring certain armed forces into the region under sectarian pretenses so that the US would not have to send its troops, The Daily Star reported on Friday.

“It is not surprising to anyone that Saudi Arabia is committing terrorism itself, as it did in Yemen, as well as with its support for terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, backed by nations that are part of this alliance now which are committing the same crimes,” the statement said.

“Will this new alliance fight Israel, which is continuing its attacks and terrorism against the Palestinian people, or fight those fighting Israel?” it added.

The statement said Hezbollah was surprised by Saudi Arabia including Lebanon in the list of nations joining the coalition without anyone in Lebanon knowing about it.

That move, it added, constituted a violation of Lebanon’s Constitution.

Lebanon's Foreign Ministry Tuesday released a statement saying it had no knowledge of the so-called “Islamic alliance” being established, let alone that Lebanon was a part of it.

Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi also rejected that Lebanon be part of the Islamic alliance. But Prime Minister Tammam Salam Wednesday rejected those criticisms, saying he had the authority to welcome the Saudi move, but conceded that ultimately Lebanon’s participation in the coalition was up to the Cabinet.

Hezbollah Thursday said Salam’s remarks “only represented his personal opinion,” and that the premier could not make such a decision without the approval of Cabinet, adding that such a decision would also need legislative approval.

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday announced establishment of the military coalition that allegedly seeks to fight terrorism. The coalition is reportedly expected to be made up of 34 countries, including Persian Gulf states, Egypt and Turkey.

The Saudi monarchy has announced the formation of the so-called anti-terror coalition while Riyadh is the main incubator and supporter of terrorism in the Middle East region.

Confirmed reports suggest that the Royal family along with Qatar have been aiding and abetting the Takfiri terrorist groups operating in Iraq and Syria for a long time, providing them with funds and arms via Turkey.

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