Google Reinstates ‘No Thanks’ App for Identifying, Boycotting Israeli-Linked Companies

Google Reinstates ‘No Thanks’ App for Identifying, Boycotting Israeli-Linked Companies

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Google has reactivated the "No Thanks" mobile application, enabling users to identify and potentially avoid products associated with companies linked to the Israeli regime.

The app reappeared on Google's Play Store on Sunday, following its recent removal.

Named "No Thanks," the app was initially launched last month amid the ongoing atrocities of the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip, where over 16,000 people have been murdered.

The developer, Ahmad Bashbash, a Palestinian residing in Hungary and originally from Gaza, created the app in honor of siblings lost during the regime's actions in Gaza. Speaking to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, he stated, "I made it (the app) on behalf of my brother and my sister who I lost because of this brutal occupation, and my goal is to try to prevent what happened to me from happening to another Palestinian."

"No Thanks" offers customers the ability to scan product barcodes and receive notifications if the items are produced by Israeli-linked companies. The app's initial removal on November 30 was attributed to its description, which mentioned, "Welcome to No Thanks, here you can see if the product in your hand supports killing children in Palestine or not."

Previously downloaded over 100,000 times, the revised version's description now emphasizes simplifying barcode scanning and aiding the boycott movement. The app highlights a list of brands, including globally recognized names like Adidas, McDonald's, Chanel, Netflix, and Apple, spanning various industries from food to cosmetics and streaming providers. The listed companies reportedly support Israeli start-ups or contribute to "the theft of Palestinian territory".

Reports suggest a version compatible with Apple products is in development and currently undergoing review.

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