Hamas Urges PA to Abandon ‘Futile’ Talks with Israel

GAZA CITY (Tasnim) – A senior official with the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to abandon the so-called peace talks with the Zionist regime of Israel, branding the negotiations as "futile".

Hamas Urges PA to Abandon ‘Futile’ Talks with Israel

Speaking to Tasnim in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Rezvan described peace negotiations with the Zionist regime of Israel as “futile”, urging Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to leave the talks.

He added that resumption of the talks with the occupying regime would be considered a “stab in the back” of the resistance and steadfastness of the Palestinian nation. 

Rezvan further referred to Washington’s attempts to mediate between the Palestinians and Israelis, stressing that the US government has never sought to defend the Palestinian nation’s rights and, therefore, does not deserve to be a mediator.

The latest round of the so-called peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians, which was organized by the United States, collapsed in 2014.

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is tantamount to a crime against humanity and the Palestinian nation and the only way to put an end to the occupation is armed resistance, he went on to say.

Asked whether Hamas still has relations with Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah, Rezvan said, “We declare here that Hamas's ties with Hezbollah and Tehran have not been severed and will continue”. 

He added that there may be some political differences on regional issues, but the relations will always remain in place.



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