Popular Forces Blow Up Building of Terrorists near Syria’s Foua

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DAMASCUS (Tasnim) – Popular forces defending the blockaded towns of Foua and Kefraya in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib blew up a building that terrorist groups used to hold meetings and plan attacks against civilians.

A source from inside Foua told Tasnim that the operation was carried out by the popular committees warding off terrorists at the two Shiite-populated towns.

The successful operation saw the popular forces penetrate into the building in al-Sawaqiya road near Foua and plant bombs at a room the terrorists held meetings in to mastermind frequent attacks on people of the two towns, the source added.

Foua and Kefraya are the only government-held enclave in Idlib's militant-held area. The towns of some 20,000 people have been under siege since 2013.

The humanitarian situation remains dire, with a lack of food and basic necessities in the two towns.

Heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures in Syria have made life more unbearable for thousands of people trapped in the towns.

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