Iran Slams Saudi Allegations against Tehran as Utter Nonsense

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry rejected the recent accusations made by Saudi Arabia’s defense minister as complete nonsense resulting from a sense of frustration and part of Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud’s “delusive policies that are based upon lies.”

Iran Slams Saudi Allegations against Tehran as Utter Nonsense

In comments on Friday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi took a swipe at bin Salman for talking nonsense about Iran’s support for terrorism in his visit to Washington.

The Saudi defense minister himself is the chief coordinator of the kingdom’s war against the innocent and defenseless people of Yemen and is known as “the symbol of terror and horror in Syria, Bahrain” and other countries, Qassemi deplored.

“Not only has Saudi Arabia, as a regional player, not contributed to the establishment of stability and calm over the past tense years in the region, but it has fanned the flames of war, instability and insecurity in the region by supporting terrorist groups in Syria and by waging a lamentable war against Yemen,” the spokesman added.

Qassemi further lashed out at the Riyadh regime for keeping to “rely on the petrodollars” and inviting the foreign players to get involved in the regional affairs “with the illusion of purchasing security”.

History shows that trans-regional powers’ interference brings about nothing but insecurity in the very same countries that have invited the aliens, the Iranian spokesman noted, adding that foreign interference in the region leads to “instability, division, and the spread of terrorism and violence.”

In recent meetings in the US, bin Salman and American authorities accused Iran of seeking expansionist moves in the Middle East and of sponsoring terrorist organizations.

The allegations came while a brutal Saudi-led military campaign against Yemen is entering its third year.

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia and some of its Arab allies have been launching deadly airstrikes on Yemen in an attempt to restore power to the fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh.

Nearly 11,000 Yemenis, including women and children, have lost their lives in the deadly military campaign.

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