Taliban Seizes District in Western Farah province of Afghanistan

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Taliban militants have overrun Shibkoh district in the western Farah province in Afghanistan, Head of the Farah Provincial Council Jamileh Amini said Tuesday.

Taliban Seizes District in Western Farah province of Afghanistan

"Afghan security forces withdraw from their positions in Shibkoh district after Taliban militants attack,” he told Afghan Voice Agency (AVA).

According to the reports, Taliban militants have seized the police command headquarters and the governorate building in the region.

Meanwhile, Taliban elements set fire to security forces’ military vehicles and took supplies of their arms, Nunn Taki Asia news website quoted the local sources.

Qari Mohammad Yousef Ahmadi, Taliban spokesmen confirmed that Shibkoh has fallen in to hands of Taliban.

Meantime, Iqbal Baher Farah police spokesman denied withdrawal of security forces in Shibkoh region.

The Farah governor spokesman made no comment on the issue.

Deployment of 200 foreign soldiers in Farah province has increased tensions in the region.

War in Afghanistan has not been limited to the western province of Farah and dozens of people and militants were killed and injured in clashed between Taliban and Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL) in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

Also, as a result of Daesh attack to Khogyani district on Monday evening, six civilians, four Taliban members and eight Daesh fighters have already been killed, Nangarhar provincial council declared.

Zabihullah Zamri, the Nangarhar provincial council secretary declared that people in Tang Waziri region are resisting the Daesh attack.

If Afghan government do not adopt measures for supporting the popular forces, Daesh militants may occupy parts of the region, Mohammad Nasir Kamawal a member of Nangarhar provincial council warned.

Meantime, Gulab Mangal, the governor of Nangarhar confirmed Daesh attack to Khogyani and said supporting the popular forces resisting the Daesh ambush is on the agenda of Afghan government.

Nangarhar lawmakers for several occasions have accused US forces of supporting Daesh insurgency in Afghanistan including its attacks in this eastern region.

A militant attack, including a suicide car bombing, was happened in eastern Paktia province's capital, Gardez, where insurgents targeted a police training center.

Based on initial information, a Paktia provincial spokesman told CBS News that at least 10 police officers were killed, including Paktia's chief of police, and almost 40 others wounded, including civilians.

The source told the media that two bombers detonated their explosives and then a handful of armed attackers entered the police compound, engaging in a firefight with Afghan forces.

It was the biggest attack in the country since President Trump announced his new strategy for the grinding war in South Asia.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for all three attacks.

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