Shiite Figure: Iraq to Declare Full Liberation of Lands Soon

Shiite Figure: Iraq to Declare Full Liberation of Lands Soon

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, Secretary General of Hezbollah al-Nujaba, a major Iraqi Shiite resistance movement fighting terrorists, said the country will soon announce liberation of all the Iraqi territories.

“We will declare full liberation of Iraq from Daesh (known also as ISIS or ISIL) in coming days,” Kaabi said in a meeting with Lebanese’ religious cleric Sheikh Afif al-Nabulsi.

He added that the Iraqi popular and security forces are now clearing the regions under the occupation of US puppets along the Iraqi borders with Syria.

Kaabi then pointed to defeat of US plots for disintegrating Iraqi Kurdistan Region, and said, “US conspiracies for partitioning the regional countries have remained futile following the effective presence of the Islamic resistance groups.”

In latest move to eradicated terrorism from Iraq, the country’s Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced on Thursday the launch of operations to liberate the last Daesh strongholds in the country, Qaim and Rawa towns.

The Iraqi forces have now driven Daesh forces out of about 95% of the land the terrorist group once held in Iraq and freed more than 4.4 million Iraqis from its rule.

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