Mirza Rasoul Bath in Mahabad, Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Cleanliness had great importance in Iranian people life before and after advent of Islam, and after that its importance became more. This suggests the importance of bathroom in urban fabric.

Mirza Rasoul Bath in Mahabad, Iran

Bath was a public building with a doorway to the outside to keep the air warm. T

he exact date of Mirza Rasoul bathroom construction is not known, but according to architectural form and style it can be attributed to the Safavid period.

An important feature of this building is an in-depth location and other features of the building size and height of the dome difference.

The results of some studies indicate that the bathroom has a plan and the plan is almost square.

 The construction of this building in this part of the Mahabad city, due to its proximity to the Grand Mosque Mahabad represents important role of ablution and clearness in people social life.

Source: Travital

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