Video Shows Venezuela's US-Backed Opposition Throwing Molotov Cocktail at Aid Truck

Video Shows Venezuela's US-Backed Opposition Throwing Molotov Cocktail at Aid Truck

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A video has emerged on social media showing the moment when an opposition throws a Molotov cocktail on a truck loaded with US aid, shedding some light on the incident after Washington's claims over an attack on so-called US ‘humanitarian supplies’ by Venezuelan forces.

The Trump administration’s coup against Venezuela culminated on February 23 with US-backed opposition attempting to ram several trucks loaded with boxes of “humanitarian aid” across the previously unused Francisco de Paula Santander bridge connecting Colombia to Venezuela, according to Grayzone Project.

Colombian writer Humberto Ortiz produced footage from a pro-opposition channel showing what appears to be the exact moment when a guarimbero sets the aid truck on fire with a Molotov cocktail, while another video from the scene showed the opposition activists openly preparing the incendiary devices.

Border security guards can be seen in the video patiently holding their line at a distance, casting further doubts on claims that the truck was seized and torched after it had crossed into Venezuela.

Photos of the incident that were previously used by US officials to double down on their outrage and calls for regime change in Caracas. But footage that has surfaced on social media tells a strikingly different story, pinning the blame on the US backed ‘activists’ in the crowd.

Earlier, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has accused US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of orchestrating the torching of trucks with Venezuela-bound humanitarian aid on the Colombian border and of "desperately" looking for a reason to start a war against Caracas.

"Secretary Pompeo, a CIA [US Central Intelligence Agency] specialist on false flag operations, thinks that he will fool the world with the truck that was set on fire in Colombia by his own agents… Pompeo and his hit men are desperately looking for a cause for war. Today, the operation failed. If you want to find those who burnt the truck with fake humanitarian aid, look for them among your own staff," Arreaza said via his official Twitter feed.


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