Bodagh Sultan Tomb, Mahabad, Iran

Bodagh Sultan Tomb, Mahabad, Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Bodagh Sultan who was one of the most charitable and good-hearted men of his time; lived in Mahabad. He ruled this city for 49 years from (1641 to 1690 AD).

He was the son of Shir Khan and the nephew of Sarim Beig Mokri. His grave is located in Mahabad in the area which is between Shayegan Garden and Esteghlal Square. This place is almost at the center of the city and it is regarded as a shrine.

The local people respect this place and some of them go there for pilgrimage on Wednesdays. They believe that their prayers will be granted if they go to visit Bodagh Sultan’s shrine.

Bodagh Sultan Mokri is known as the founder of Mahabad, because he was the ruler of it and has made important efforts to improve Mahabad. During his period of rulership; he was responsible for the construction of several historical buildings.

Buildings dating to his period include the Red Mosque; Red Bridge; Bodagh Sultan Mosque; Laj Bath and Daralak bath. These buildings that are so important both historically and architecturally dating to Safavid Period. It seems they were built 350 years ago.

Bodagh Sultan Mokri served his city with devotion. His Tomb is located in the area in which there are other graves/too.

Source: Travital

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