Arsalan Kazemi Glorifies Haddadi, Nikkhah

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran national basketball team power forward has adored Hamed Haddadi, Samad Nikkhah Bahrami and Mahdi Kamrani.

Arsalan Kazemi Glorifies Haddadi, Nikkhah

In a live interview on the @FIBAAsiaCup Instagram account, Kazemi says Team Melli is a powerhouse in Asia.

“Haddadi, Nikkhah and Kamrani had influence not just on me, but also a lot of younger kids that were playing basketball at the time. Just seeing that it’s possible to reign championship in Asia because before when we started playing basketball, it was all China Korea and Japan. Those were the powerhouses in Asia,” he said.

“Them winning the first championship, it just basically showed us that we got talent in Iran as well, and if we work hard, then it’s also possible for us to win medals in Asia and go even further,” he added.

Now it’s time for Arsalan to take up the torch. It’s his turn to inspire the next generation … and he knows where he wants to start.

“I mean, obviously, the Olympics is the top level for every athlete in the world. I haven’t been able to play in the Olympics, so that’s been one of my main goals. If it’s possible to play in the Olympics and then just to show the way for the younger generation to be able to go through what I went through, just to help them out a little bit, if I can, to maybe send them over to the NCAA. Just to show them the way, those are the things that I’m looking forward to doing,” he added.

For now, Arsalan Kazemi is just hoping for brighter days in the near future for everyone. Consider it his early birthday wish as he will be turning 30 on April 22.

“Well, [year] 2020 since the start it’s been really tough all around the world on people,” he said. “My wish is for things to get better for everybody because I see it’s really tough, especially for the economy. I just wish that this 2020 gets better for everybody.”

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