President: Iran’s Success in Handling COVID-19 Disproves Biased Judgments

President: Iran’s Success in Handling COVID-19 Disproves Biased Judgments

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the country’s success in tackling the novel coronavirus epidemic and handling of the situation under the foreign sanctions have disproved the wrong and biased judgments about the Iranian government and nation.

In remarks at a Tuesday meeting of officials and intellectuals from Iranian academic institutions and seminaries, Rouhani said Iran’s successful achievements in the battle with COVID-19 invalidated the biased judgments against Iran, its establishment, government and management system.

The critics recognized that Iran is a powerful and mighty country following the Islamic Republic’s performance amid the coronavirus outbreak, the president added.   

Rouhani also said that Iran has outperformed many other countries in dealing with the coronavirus. “Many countries laud such (Iranian) performance.”

Highlighting the far-reaching impacts of the pandemic on the human societies in the world, the Iranian president said many governments that claimed to be leading scientific and financial powers have been thoroughly beset with coronavirus-related problems. 

“The measures that we witnessed in Iran in the course of the battle with the coronavirus could disprove many judgments that were being made about the establishment, the government and people.” 

Among the biased judgments about Iran that have been debunked were the wrong notions that the Islamic Revolution has impeded Iran’s scientific progress or that the Islamic Republic has lost its social capital, the government’s official website quoted the president as saying.

“The Westerners imagined that the Iranian nation would not withstand the pressures and sanctions for more than a few months, and after the outbreak of the virus, they thought that a country under tough sanctions and with limited financial sources could not endure such problems,” Rouhani stated.

He further highlighted Iran’s successful handling of the medical services after the outbreak of COVID-19, saying his administration has managed to double the number of hospital beds over the past six years.

“So far and amid the fight against the coronavirus, we have not faced any problem with the hospital beds at any region,” he underscored.

“The Iranian health sector’s performance has been very great in comparison with the other countries, while we have not encountered any crisis in the other sectors in this period such as the welfare or provision of services for the disabled, the old people’s homes, and the big factories,” Rouhani concluded.

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