Bahador Malek Historic House in Iran's Kerman

Bahador Malek Historic House in Iran's Kerman

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Bahador Malek is a historic house from the Qajar era which still stands is southeastern Iran, close to Kerman Province.

Bardsir is located 60kms northeast of Kerman and a 120kms west of Sirjan in southeastern Iran. It has a temperate mountainous climate with cold winters and mild summers.

Its numerous historical sites and tourist attractions include the Seyed Mohammad (AS) Mausoleum in the town center, Seyed Sultan Hamid on the Bardsir-Baft road, twelve Imams in Sar Malek village, Tall-e Ebliss, Bardsir Citadel, Torshab water mill, Bahramguerd Fort, Negar Fort, old baths, and last but not least, the Bahador Malek House.

Bahador Malek House has an interesting architecture well worth visiting. It was constructed by Abdol Mozaffar Khan, the renowned officer known as Bahador Malek, in the 18th-century Qajar era.

The plan includes a central courtyard and its surrounding spaces and flowerbeds. Its northern wing consists of a “seh dari” room with three bay windows and the southern wing comprises a vast hall. Its other spaces include storage spaces, servants’ quarters, and the kitchen in its eastern and western wings.

Apart from its large hall, the other interesting features of this building include the spaces on its upper floor to store foodstuffs, and its adobe fort with its public passage underneath. The building was registered as a national heritage in 2002.

Source: Persia Digest

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