Venezuelan Military Escorts Second Iranian Tanker (+Video)

Venezuelan Military Escorts Second Iranian Tanker (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Forest, the second Iranian tanker carrying fuel, reached Venezuelan waters late last night escorted by the Bolivarian Republic’s Armed Forces (FANB).

The vessel is being escorted by the Venezuelan Oceanic Patrol Yekuana, after it was located in international waters.

Forest is heading to the port of the El Palito refinery, located in the municipality of Puerto Cabello, on the coast of the state of Carabobo, TelesurEnglish reported.

"Forest and the Yekuana Oceanic Patrol are near Margarita Islands and are heading to El Palito," teleSUR correspondent Madelein Garcia recently reported.

"The first Iranian ship now in the El Palito refinery, in Venezuela. We follow the story."

Footage from onboard of the Iranian tanker ‘Forest’ this morning shows the PO-13 Yekuana escorting the ship.

This is the second Iranian tanker to reach Venezuelan waters for the purpose of delivering gasoline.

Iran's gesture of solidarity strengthens diplomatic relations and trade agreements between the two countries.

The first Iranian fuel tanker, Fortune, arrived in Venezuelan territorial waters on Saturday night, despite the continuous US threats to prevent it.

Forest and Fortune are two of the five oil tankers that Iran has sent to supply the Latin American country with fuel.

The ships Petunia, Faxon and Clavel continue their course to Venezuela and are expected to arrive in the country soon.

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