Massive Rallies Underway in Yemen in Condemnation of US Blacklisting of Ansarullah

Massive Rallies Underway in Yemen in Condemnation of US Blacklisting of Ansarullah

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Millions of Yemenis have staged massive rallies in at least 14 provinces in condemnation of US designation of Ansarullah group as a “terrorist organization”.

Today, the Yemenis are venting their anger at the US administration under the slogan "The Saudi siege and US aggression are terrorists’ crimes."

The organizing committees have identified 24 major areas in the capital, Sana'a, and 14 other provinces where marches are going to take place, calling for the free and honorable people of Yemen for the to participate in the rallies of rage.

They also called on Yemeni people to attend the rally with their great and honorable presence to show that Yemeni people will not be broken and will remain steadfast in the face of the enemy, whatever the challenges. This is also an affirmation to the fact that the US aggression and the Saudi blockade are the major terrorist crimes.

The Organizing Committee has identified Bab Al-Yaman Square in the capital, Sana'a, as the location where the people’s million march will begin on Monday afternoon, as well as Medina Square and Al-Mansouriya Square in Al-Hudaydah Province.

In Saada Province also the marches will begin from three main squares of the city this morning as well as, Khawlan in Haydan District, and the districts of Shada, Ghamr and Razih, in Shaara area in Razih.

In Hajjah Province, the organizing committee has prepared 5 locations where marches will take place in the morning and in the afternoon.

In Dhamar Province, Medina Square was identified as the location for the march this morning, and in Al-Bayda Province, a gathering will take place in the main squares of cities of Radaa and Al-Bayda this morning.

In conjunction with the marches in the Yemeni provinces, activists will also organize separate demonstrations in nine global capitals, including Washington, London, Paris and others, to call for an end to the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen.

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