Historic Baths of Pahne in Iran's Semnan

Historic Baths of Pahne in Iran's Semnan

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Pahne Bath is one of the 9th Hijri century buildings which was established by the order of Khajeh Qias Al-Din Muhammad ibn-e Khajeh Taj Aldin Bahram Semnani, one of the ministers of the Timurid era in 1452.

This bath is located in the central part of Semnan and near the complex of the central mosque, Imam Mosque, Timcheh Pahneh and in the old Bazar.

One of the interesting parts of this bath is its beautiful transom and tiling, and the poems written in masterful and clear Nastaʿliq script on the entrance. A skeleton which is for a mother and an embryo inside her womb and is from 4500 years ago is kept in this place.

The function of this building was turned into museum after renovation and is now visited by people.

Source: Travital

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