Intelligence Ministry Smashes 3 Terrorist Teams in Iran

Intelligence Ministry Smashes 3 Terrorist Teams in Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s intelligence forces smashed three terrorist teams in two provinces, arresting the perpetrators of an explosion that killed one person in the southeastern city of Saravan on March 21.

The Intelligence Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that its servicemen have smashed the three terrorist teams in the southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan and northwestern province of West Azarbaijan.

The elements behind the March 21 blast in Saravan have also been arrested, it added.

The explosion, which killed a 16-year-old boy and injured a number of passersby in Saravan, was perpetrated by a team affiliated with the so-called Jaish al-Adl terrorist group, the ministry said.

The team had received training in a foreign country and carried out the attack under guidance of Jaish al-Adl terror group, the statement said, adding that a handgun and 60 kilograms of explosives with remote control circuit and primer have been confiscated in the operation.

The statement said the capture of members of another team of terrorists in Sistan and Balouchestan prevented a series of potential terrorist attacks, since they had been given directions from a European-based criminal terrorist group to carry out attacks across the province and conduct brutal bomb blasts at religious sites in order to foment religious divisions.

The leader of the terrorist team, who has a criminal record of drug trafficking and homicide, has been arrested with two handguns, two AK-47 rifles, and tools and material for making bombs, it added.

According to the statement, the intelligence forces have also smashed an armed group that had entered Iran from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for extortion and terrorist activities.

After an armed clash in a border area near Orumiyeh, two intruders were killed and another fled, the ministry added, noting that two AK-47 guns, grenades, ammunition and explosives have been impounded in the operation.

The Intelligence Ministry warned the countries that have become a safe haven for the terrorist groups that they must be held accountable for their terrorist activities.

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