NATO Will Speak Out against the Deployment of Land-Based Nuclear Missiles in Europe

NATO Will Speak Out against the Deployment of Land-Based Nuclear Missiles in Europe

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Following the results of the upcoming summit in Brussels and on the eve of the meeting between US Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, the leaders of the NATO countries intend to announce that they oppose the deployment of land-based nuclear missiles in Europe.

This was announced on Saturday by Defense News magazine, citing sources in the European Union and the US Congress.

According to these data, such a provision is contained in the draft communiqué, which should be published after the conclusion of the NATO summit. "This step is seen as a possible way to reduce the level of tension in relations with Moscow and take the first step in the dialogue on arms control ahead of the US-RF summit in Geneva on June 16," the newspaper writes, TASS reported.

Biden embarked on his first trip overseas as President of the United States on Wednesday. He is taking part in the G7 Summit in the UK. After that, the head of the White House will fly to the capital of Belgium for a NATO summit meeting. Then a US-EU summit will take place in Brussels. Biden's tour will culminate in his meeting with Putin in Switzerland on June 16.

The 32nd NATO summit, which will be held in Brussels on June 14 with the participation of the US President, will be the shortest in almost 20 years. It will last one day and will consist of only one working session lasting approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Usually NATO summits last two days and include 3-4 working sessions on various topics. On the second day, the leaders of the alliance traditionally hold one of the sessions with the heads of states - partners of the alliance, but this year there will be no such session.

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