IRGC Commander Calls US World’s Dictator-Making Factory

IRGC Commander Calls US World’s Dictator-Making Factory

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said Thursday that the United States is the world’s dictator-making factory.

Addressing the Iranian people in the capital city of Tehran during a rally on the National Day of Fighting against Global Arrogance, the senior commander said, “The United States has been a factory for (creating) dictators in the world. From the Philippines to Sudan, Chile and the Shah of Iran, the ruling sultans of many Arab countries, in Latin America, they are all over the world.

“The country that has the Statue of Liberty does the most work of oppressing, suppressing and hanging of the freedom-seekers in the world and produces most of torture devices in the world and sends them to all dictators around the world and teaches torture techniques to them in order to imprison the seekers of truth, justice and freedom,” Major General Salami said, stressing that the world is full of dictators who have emerged from the womb of the so-called American democracy.

“If we count the list of all wars that have been waged by the United States around the world over the last hundred years, (we will find out) that more than 40 major wars in 40 parts of the world are the product of American policy in the world,” he said.

“Today is a day of great victory for the Iranian nation; overcoming the largest empire in human history.”

He added that today marks the day of great victory for the Iranian nation; (the anniversary of) the 13th of Aban (November 4, 1979), when the United States was at the peak of its political, military and economic power and the Iranian nation had not yet built the great structures of its current power at the beginning of a glorious Islamic Revolution, formed under the leadership of the late Imam Khomeini.

“This courage and persistence in the atmosphere of that day is one of the most amazing historical events for human beings as well as for the dear nation of Iran. We were dealing with the US that the human history and the world had been suffering from its aggression and aggressive interventions, occupations, coup d'états and the domination of dictators at its hands,” the commander went on to say.

Major General Salami also said that more than 8 million human casualties are the result of direct American wars, excluding the proxy wars, which have been directed or politically driven by the American regime.

Referring to the 1953 coup against Iran's elected government, which was orchestrated by the CIA and British intelligence, the general said, “The United States established the imperial regime in Iran with that coup d'état and removed freedom, constitutionalism, and all these concepts from the political geography of Iran.” 

He also sid that the United States “is the only power that twice used nuclear weapons against a nation in 1945 in Nagasaki and Hiroshima and reduced hundreds of thousands of people to ashes in the blink of an eye.

The 1979 seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran is commemorated on Aban 13 based on Persian calendar, which falls on November 4.

In Iran, the day is known as Students’ Day, which also commemorates the National Day of Fighting against Global Arrogance.

The 13th of Aban has become a symbol of tremendous importance and significance. The incident evokes American greed, as American authorities believed they were free to plunder the wealth of other nations. The 13th of Aban harkens back to Iranian students' vigilance in the face of US threats.

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