Iran to Host SCO-Sponsored Conference

Iran to Host SCO-Sponsored Conference

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An international conference and exhibition on economic cooperation opportunities available to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states and partners is planned to be held in Tehran in early July.

The first edition of the international conference and exhibition of economic cooperation opportunities available to member states, supervisors and dialogue partners of the SCO and Iran's neighbors will be held in Tehran on July 3-6.

The event, known as “Iran SCOCOEX”, provides an opportunity for economic cooperation among Iran and the SCO members in various fields such as industry, mining sector, trade, agriculture, artificial intelligence, knowledge-based activities, ICT, as well as oil, gas, petrochemical and energy services.

The exhibition will be held at the International Conference Center of Iran here in the capital with 26 SCO member states in attendance.

The proposed themes of Iran SCOCOEX will be “prosperous future for the development of cooperation among SCO states”, “joint cooperation and investment in the development of oil and energy projects”, “challenges and strategies for developing joint economic cooperation”, as well as “technological and industrial cooperation in various fields such as food industry, medicine, automobile, steel, knowledge-based companies, artificial intelligence, and IT”.

The main objectives that Iran pursues in the efforts to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and in hosting the SCOCOEX are to maintain, create and expand a large and sustainable consumer market for its oil and non-oil exports, meet the country's technology needs and required raw materials, and take advantage of China's economic power and capabilities.

Iran has also plans to reach an agreement on tariff exemptions, strengthen trade ties with the East Asian countries, seize the opportunities provided by the ‘energy club’ of the SCO members, enhance its capacity in the field of transit and international transportation, facilitate cooperation in the field of special medicines and knowledge-based activities, increase foreign investment and attract resources in the SCO interbank consortium, and take the initiative to establish a joint international bank with the presence of the SCO countries and Iran's neighbors.

The formation of a free trade zone with the SCO member countries as well as Iran's neighbors and the establishment of the International Trade Development Organization among those countries are among the other purposes Iran tries to achieve.

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