Russia Tests Anti-Drone Gun Capable of ‘Stunning’ American UAVs

Russia Tests Anti-Drone Gun Capable of ‘Stunning’ American UAVs

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The PPSh Laboratory in Russia created a brand-new LPD-802 variant of its electronic warfare cannon that can take down American unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and the organization is now testing the new weapon, the company said on Tuesday.

"Currently, the LPD-802 drone jammer is undergoing all the required tests. The LPD-802 has its interior design completely renewed and features smaller dimensions, which is vital in its operation.

Compared to the LPD-801 model, the LPD-802 boasts enhanced power and an extra jamming frequency band to suppress American drones," the company told TASS.

The new drone jammer features a modified capability of suppressing satellite navigation channels and a larger storage battery capacity, which has boosted the gun’s endurance, the company added.

The LPD-801 drone jammer was unveiled at the OrelExpo 2021 arms show in Moscow.

The anti-drone gun is capable of jamming drone control channels and navigational signals, in particular, disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, Galileo and Glonass satellite system signals and quashing unauthorized data transmission. The new jammer can operate in manual and automatic modes.

The device is designed as a standard magazine carbine where the antenna looks like a barrel while the place of the magazine is taken up by a replaceable storage battery with an endurance of about 60 minutes.

According to its developers, with its weight of just 3.5 kg (comparable to the weight of a standard Kalashnikov assault rifle), the anti-drone gun is capable of jamming targets at a distance of 1.5 km.

The jammer’s maximum radiation that impacts enemy drone electronics does not exceed 10 W.

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