Out of Control Tesla Speeds through Chinese Streets, Kills Two (+Video)

Out of Control Tesla Speeds through Chinese Streets, Kills Two (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An out-of-control Tesla sped through the streets of a Chinese province, killing two and injuring three before it finally crashed into a building earlier this month.

Terrifying footage showed a white Tesla Model Y suddenly accelerating after the driver appeared to try to park the car, and then whipping at harrowing speeds through busy streets.

The family of the driver told local outlets that the 55-year-old man lost control of the car and that it would not respond when he stepped on the brake pedal.



Tesla said it was investigating the incident, but cautioned against 'rumors,' noting their data showed the car's brake pedal was never engaged while it was speeding through town. In a statement to Reuters, Tesla said it was working with local authorities to identify the 'truth' of what led to the accident.

The wreck is just the latest in which the electric car company's automatic features have been fingered as potential culprits.

Footage of the incident showed a white Tesla Model Y pulling slowly into a roadside parking spot before suddenly launching back onto the road.

The car immediately bore down on a person on a motor-scooter, who the driver evaded before rocketing off down the road.

The Tesla could be seen to whip at dangerous speeds through busy town streets, violently knocking at least two people on bikes or scooters over as it tore by.

The car finally approached a busy intersection where it slammed into a small truck - scattering chunks of flying debris into at least two cyclists - and then collided in a cloud of smoke and dust into the side of a building.

The incident took place on November 5 in Chaozhou city, which is located along the Chinese coast just northeast of Hong Kong. Jimu News said a motorcyclist and a high school girl were killed.

The outlet quoted traffic police as saying the cause of the incident had not been identified. Jimu News also quoted an unnamed family member of the driver who said the 55-year-old had issues with the brake pedal when he was about to pull over in front of his family store.

Tesla said on Sunday it will assist Chinese police in investigating the crash.