IRGC Will Hit More Terrorist Targets in KRG: Commander

IRGC Will Hit More Terrorist Targets in KRG: Commander

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Ground Force gave details of a new round of attacks on the positions of terrorist groups in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, saying his forces are cautious to prevent any collateral damage.

In remarks on Monday, Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said the military attacks on the positions of terrorist and separatist groups based in northern Iraq earlier in the day involved the strongholds that were away from centers of population.

He said a number of those locations had been targeted in an operation on September 28, but the terrorists returned to those sites and were stationed there again.

Today’s military strikes were carried out with missiles as well as suicide and combat drones, the general noted, adding that the positions of terrorists along the common border were also targeted in artillery attacks.

The commander said the new round of strikes took place after several warnings to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and the Baghdad government officials about the need to expel and disarm the separatist groups based in northern Iraq.

Brigadier General Pakpour explained that the KRG-based terrorists use a tactic to settle in civilian areas, saying 50 days after the previous IRGC attacks that destroyed the strongholds of terrorists, they left those sites and started to settle in populated areas.

He noted that today’s strike followed detailed planning and targeted the positions of terrorists that were away from population.

The terrorists have taken shelter in the populated areas in order to use the ordinary people as human shields, the general stated, stressing that the IRGC is cautious to avoid hitting innocent people and families.

He finally said that the IRGC will definitely hit more positions of terrorists in the next operations, such as Tupuzabad village, where the terrorists have set up a camp.

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