Alarms Raised after Incident in Haifa’s Bazan Refinery (+Video)

Alarms Raised after Incident in Haifa’s Bazan Refinery (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The municipal council and the fire department of Haifa asked residents to keep their windows closed and reduce unnecessary travel after dense red smoke was seen coming out of a refinery's main chimney.

The scope of Bazan Refinery's harmful environmental activities in the city of Haifa, Occupied Palestine has caused severe concerns about the future of this area, which was intended to develop into a tourism hotspot for the Zionist regime.



Experts have recently issued warnings about environmental dangers as well as the emergence of symptoms of incurable diseases among residents of the Haifa Industrial Area due to technical flaws and ongoing disruptions in the purification system of the Haifa Refinery.

According to the regime’s news media Haaretz, the Haifa-based Bazan Group along with senior company executives have recently been indicted for air pollution violations and other environmental offenses dating back to 2017 at its facilities.

The indictment was filed a day after the company disclosed that it had shut down operations at another facility due to a malfunction and used safety flares there that increased pollution in the area.

With numerous ad campaigns, the Israeli regime announced its initiatives to establish the Haifa Bay region as a new tourism hub in the occupied territories. However, as environmental pollution has risen, so has the number of tourists visiting the region.

These measures, according to Zionist media, have failed and the area is now known as the "Gulf of the Dead."

Bazan has been convicted of environmental violations in four separate cases since 2015.

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