Americans Want Neither Biden Nor Trump as POTUS, Poll Says

Americans Want Neither Biden Nor Trump as POTUS, Poll Says

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – According to a poll conducted by The Washington Post and ABC, the possibility of a run-off for the White House between incumbent President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump does not appeal to voters.

More than half of voters from each of the two major US parties want neither Biden nor Trump to be their candidates in the 2024 US presidential election. Fifty-eight percent of Democrats and 49% of Republicans say they want someone else to be their candidate, Sputnik reported.

In November, Trump launched his campaign and many experts expect that he will have to overcome strong opposition from within the party. Biden has only stated his intention to run for re-election, but so far no Democrats have said they plan to challenge him.

According to the poll, Trump will win with 48% of the vote against 45% for Biden with a counting margin of error of 3.5%. At the same time 42% of respondents approve Biden job's results, while 53% disapprove, including 42% who disapprove strongly. The poll reflects a larger trend, with Biden's approval rating staying below 50% since June 2021.

These results have been called surprising by some American media and it appears that Biden's rating has not risen despite the fact that in the midterm election in November 2022, the Democrats performed better than expected.

Democrats managed to defend the majority in the Senate and put up a tough fight against the Republicans in the House.

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