'US Is Our Enemy,' Medvedev Says

'US Is Our Enemy,' Medvedev Says

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The United States is currently a hostile country that seeks to cause as much damage to Russia as possible, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said.

"They are our rivals, and today - let’s put it bluntly-they are our enemy. The United States of America is our enemy," Medvedev pointed out in an interview with Russian media outlets, including TASS, and users of the VKontakte social media network.

However, he pointed out that unlike EU nations, the US holds "a consistent stance."

"They are trying to cause us as much damage as possible, and, where feasible, even tear our country apart and put Europe under their spell in the worst way so that it is unable to move at all," the Russian Security Council deputy chairman said, adding, "The reason is that sometimes, the leaders that come to power there start getting clever, either withdrawing from NATO or suspending membership or doing something else."

The Americans have now achieved their goal, Medvedev went on to say, pointing out that the US’ position "is perfectly logical."

"What I can’t understand is the position of European leaders who are unable to make decisions that benefit Europeans. All of their decisions benefit either certain rival political groups or the Americans," Medvedev said.

He emphasized that European nations "are no longer an independent subject of international law as they have simply become a cash cow for the United States at the expense of their taxpayers.

"And they are doing it not even for ideological reasons, but out of stupidity and cowardice." 

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