Iran-Afghanistan Trade Value Exceeds $1 Billion

Iran-Afghanistan Trade Value Exceeds $1 Billion

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Kabul Trade and Investment Chamber of Commerce in its latest report put the current value of trade exchanges between Tehran and Kabul at over $1 billion.

The Chamber of Commerce announced that Afghanistan’s trade relations with Iran are on the upward trajectory and suitable ways have been paved for joint investment in the very near future.

Presently, the current annual value of trade between Tehran and Kabul has surpassed $1 billion, it said. 

Concurrent with the transit of goods from Iran, the trend of joint trade and investment is expanding day by day, the Chamber of Commerce added.

The officials of the Afghanistan Ministry of Industry and Trade have emphasized they are making their utmost efforts to expand their country’s economic relations with neighbors, calling Iran Afghanistan’s main trade partner.

According to some economic activists, salient and positive economic developments would be witnessed in the region with the development of Afghanistan’s trade relations with neighboring states.

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