Iran’s FDI Up 84.3% Growth

Iran’s FDI Up 84.3% Growth

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The total foreign investment volume from the beginning of the current administration (August 2021) up to the Iranian month of Farvardin in the current year (April 22) stands at $6.51 billion.

While Iran is facing the challenges of oil sale due to the West’s cruel sanctions, foreign investment can yield currency and aggregation of national wealth for the country.

Diversification of economic portfolio and exiting the single-product economy are among the advantages of foreign investment.

According to the statistics received from the databank of the Foreign Investment Organization, 401 foreign investment projects, valued at $10.765 billion, were approved since the administration of President Ebrahim Raisi assumed office in August 2021.

A comparison of the foreign investment rate since the beginning of the new administration and the previous administration shows that the volume of investment in the current administration has registered an 84.3 percent growth.


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