Two Martyred in Terrorist Attack at Iran’s Shah Cheragh Shrine

Two Martyred in Terrorist Attack at Iran’s Shah Cheragh Shrine

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Two servants of the Shah Cheragh holy shrine in Shiraz, south of Iran, were martyred in a terrorist attack at the shrine on Sunday evening.

Several people were shot in the armed terrorist attack, carried out by two assailants.

The two terrorists attempted to enter the mausoleum via the Bab al-Mahdi Gate, opening fire at the people in the meantime.

One of the assailants has been arrested while the other is on the run.

Several people were injured in the attack, some of whom are in critical condition and there is a possibility that the number of those martyred may rise.

According to an IRGC commander in the southern province of Fars, the detained terrorist carried a rifle and 8 magazines.

A judiciary official in the province said the initial interrogation of the detained terrorist has begun.

He added that seven were injured in the attack and they have been taken to hospital for treatment.  

The Shah Cheragh shrine was the scene of a similar attack by armed terrorists last year.

On October 26, 2022, an armed terrorist barged into the shrine, killing 15 pilgrims, including women and children, and injuring dozens more before he was shot and injured by security forces.

The terrorist later died of his wounds in hospital.

Several suspects were immediately arrested, and, some two weeks later, the Intelligence Ministry announced the arrest of 26 Takfiri terrorists for their involvement in the attack.

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