Israel Doesn’t Care about Collateral Damage As It Uses Bunker Busters in Gaza (+Video)

Israel Doesn’t Care about Collateral Damage As It Uses Bunker Busters in Gaza (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Israel has resorted to bunker busters in its military operations in Gaza, with residential areas increasingly becoming the primary targets of these devastating munitions.

"Israel has them and will use them. I don't think they really care that much about collateral damage at the moment," Patrick Bury, a senior lecturer specializing in warfare and counterterrorism at Bath University, remarked.

Plumes of smoke have become a frequent sight as Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip entered its third day in response to a surprise attack launched by Hamas.




"In the enclave – blockaded by land, air and sea – a labyrinth of tunnels is Gaza's lifeline, bringing in everything from food and weapons to fuel," reported the Associated Press.

At present, unverified reports suggest that the Israeli military has targeted buildings in northwestern Gaza by deploying bunker busters, a powerful type of bomb.

Bunker busters, also known as ground penetration munitions, are known for their destructive capabilities, capable of penetrating buried and hardened targets.

Yossi Mekelberg, an expert on Israel at the London-based think tank Chatham House, described bunker busters as "quite powerful but horrible pieces of ammunition."

The bombs are designed to burrow deep into the ground before detonating, and they come in two broad categories.

The first type has a reinforced nose, allowing it to penetrate the ground or structure before detonating. The second type carries two charges, with the first charge opening a hole in the target, enabling the main charge to destroy everything within.

These weapons have a historical precedent, with bunker busters being first used during World War II to destroy German underground rocket factories.

Israel's air force has access to a wide range of sophisticated munitions, both domestically produced and from the United States. Israel had requested the newer GBU-72 model from the US in 2021, known as the most advanced bunker buster, capable of penetrating significant depths of earth or concrete.

As the conflict escalates, Israeli commanders appear willing to employ whatever means necessary to confront Hamas, including the use of these powerful munitions.

However, the use of such heavy-duty ammunition in urban, populated areas raises concerns about the potential for civilian casualties, violating the Geneva Conventions' guidelines.

Ground penetration munitions, while effective against tunnel complexes and underground structures, can also bring down high-rise buildings, posing a significant risk to civilians in densely populated areas.

The situation highlights the complex ethical and strategic considerations surrounding the use of bunker busters in a conflict zone.

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