Iranian Army Fires Advanced Missiles in War Game

Iranian Army Fires Advanced Missiles in War Game

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian Army Ground Force employed the upgraded versions of a series of homegrown missiles in a large-scale exercise underway in the central regions of the country.

The war game, code-named Eqtedar (Power) 1402, involves troops from all units of the Army Ground Force and will last for two days in a vast area of Isfahan Province.

During the main stage of the drill on Friday, the Army Ground Force’s mobile assault brigades, armored divisions and squadrons of helicopters fired the upgraded versions of Shafaq, Almas and Dehlaviyeh missiles to detonate targets at a range of 8 to 20 kilometers.

The Dehlaviyeh twin-arm laser-guided missile launcher has been recently installed on the M113 armored personnel carriers of the Army Ground Force.

The Iranian military experts have extended the range of Dehlaviyeh missiles, both its ground-based and air-based versions, from 5.5 km to 8 km.

The troops in the drill have also fired the air-based version of Shafaq missile, which has a 50-kg warhead and can destroy targets within a range of 20 km at a speed of Mach 2.2.

Another homegrown missile, Almas, is paired with an automatic fire control system that can hit various targets within a range of 8 km. The air-based version of Almas is mounted on Bell Cobra 209 choppers and combat drones.

The spokesperson for the drill said the war game conforms with the new combat structure of the Army Ground Force, which includes weapons and tactics that can hit targets in long ranges with precision strikes, are smart, and can be automated and integrated into networks.

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