Iran’s President Decries US’ Paradoxical Stance on Gaza War

Iran’s President Decries US’ Paradoxical Stance on Gaza War

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi lashed out at the US for calling on others not to support Palestine while it has thrown its weight behind the Israeli regime and supplies the Zionists with a whole range of arms to commit atrocities in Gaza.

In an interview with Al Jazeera TV channel, Raisi referred to the ground attack of the Zionist regime on Gaza, saying that the Zionists attacked Gaza in an unprecedented and large-scale operation from the air, sea and land, but, despite having the financial support and weapons of the United States and several European countries, they were forced to retreat.

“The events of these days in our region are very unfortunate events that hurt the heart of every free and conscientious person of any religion. The terrible crime of killing women and children by the Zionist regime, with the support of the United States and several European countries, has shocked many people of the world, filling the hearts of people with anger and hatred towards this regime in a way that it can be said that in a remarkable alignment, the people of the world, many experts and politicians are on one side, and the governing body of America and several European countries and the fake Zionist regime are on the other side,” Raisi said, his official website reported.

“On the other hand, it is very important to know why this fake regime commits such crimes against these oppressed people. The reason is the spirit of resistance and standing of these people who are ready to be martyrs, but do not leave their land and defeat the enemy by standing,” he added.

“During the past 75 years, with the support of the United States, the Zionist regime has committed great atrocities against the Palestinian people, martyred many, imprisoned and tortured many, destroyed their houses, and usurped their agricultural lands by force, but it has not been able to prevent people from resisting and insisting on taking back their land. The recent events were the concentration of the anger of the Palestinian people as a result of all the oppression and insults to the Noble Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque during these years, which was manifested in the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” the president noted.

“Americans who claim human rights, who equip and support this fake and anti-human regime with military equipment for crimes in Gaza, what answer do they have to their nation and the nations of the world for these actions?” he asked.

“I think that what is understood today from the resistance of the Palestinian people is an oppression combined with authority, and according to the interpretation of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the Palestinian people can be called an oppressed and powerful people who will surely bring victory in the name of the Palestinian nation and the movement of resistance with this spirit and standing with such motivation and determination,” Raisi underlined.

“Today, in the war of wills, on one side a nation is oppressed by the oppression and cruelty of the Zionist regime and the Americans, and on the other side are the arrogant, tyrannical and pharaohs of the time, namely America, the Zionist regime, and several European countries, and we have no doubt that in this war of wills, the Palestinian nation will be victorious and the future belongs to Palestine and the Palestinian people,” he noted.

Al Jazeera: The President of the Israeli regime considers Hamas an ally and partner of Iran, do you confirm this? And if confirmed, to what extent do you consider yourself a partner in the achievements of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood?

President Raisi: The resistance forces, whether in Palestine, in Lebanon or in other parts of the region, are forces arising from the heart of the people who are fed up with oppression and have gathered together to defend their homeland and rights. Since these forces are people, they are aware and awake, and their defense of their people and land against tyrants and oppressors is a legitimate defense, and they must be approved and supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran. We have declared this issue openly and officially many times and we believe that the wrong can flaunt, but it is not permanent, what will last is the right, and the right of the Palestinian people cannot be taken from them.

But if it is meant that every action they take by the resistance groups is under the order of the Islamic Republic, then no, it is not like that and they act independently in diagnosis, decision and action. This procedure has been like this until now and it will be like this after this.

Al Jazeera: Mr. President, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, after the start of the war against Gaza, has shown extensive diplomatic and political developments among Arab and Islamic countries with the aim of creating a common position on the part of these countries to demand a ceasefire and send humanitarian aid to Gaza, as well as reopen the crossings. Your Excellency also had several phone conversations with heads and leaders of different countries in this regard. Has there been any success or achievement in this diplomatic and political path?

President Raisi: The issue of Palestine is the first issue of the Islamic world and the liberation of the Noble Quds is an important and central issue for the Islamic Ummah and should always be considered as the most important issue and concern of all Islamic countries.

Since our communication and contacts with Islamic countries were necessary to create convergence and cooperation around the very important issue of Palestine, we started political and diplomatic efforts and activities in this field from the beginning of this issue, which has definitely been very effective in bringing our views closer to each other and will continue to have an effect.

Today, the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, breaking the siege of this region and providing aid to its oppressed people is of concern to everyone, and there is no doubt about it, and with this cooperation, common thinking and exchange of messages between the heads of Islamic countries, these demands, which are happening in the Islamic world, must be achieved immediately.

In addition, the results of the voting in the United Nations General Assembly in this regard, which were approved by all the countries of the world except for a few countries besides the United States, confirm that, on the one hand, indicates the desire and will of all the countries and nations of the world to immediately stop these crimes, the cease-fire and quick aid to the people of Gaza, and on the other hand, shows that the Zionist Regime is not the only criminal in killing the oppressed women and children of Gaza, but also the United States and several European countries that have signed a statement in support of this regime in these horrific crimes are partners and must be accountable both before God and before the awakened consciences of their nations.

All our diplomatic efforts were aimed at creating a regional and even extra-regional consensus in support of the oppressed people of Gaza and against the Zionist Regime, which we believe this global consensus has formed today and of course, the prerequisite to its more effectiveness in realization of the wish of nations who are shouting in support of Palestine and hatred towards America and the Zionist Regime lies with the continuation of these calls and communications.

Al Jazeera: Mr. President, considering what is happening in Gaza these days, what are the red lines for you that if the Israeli regime violates them, the behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be different towards this regime?

President Raisi: What the Zionist Regime has committed, from killing women and children to attacking hospitals, churches and mosques to killing journalists and their families and destroying facilities and residential areas, are all red lines that this regime has crossed.

It was reported in the news that your Palestinian colleague in the Al Jazeera network lost his entire family due to the bombings of the Zionist Regime. Which legal, ethical and humanitarian standards are compatible with these measures? Where in the world is the killing of journalists and the massacre of their families acceptable and visible?

In order to prevent the broadcast of news of its crimes in Gaza to the people of the world, in addition to killing journalists and their families, this regime has also cut off networks and communication lines and the Internet in this region, but the nations are awake today.

Today, all the cities of the world are witnessing demonstrations against the Zionist Regime, and of course, I have to commend the Al Jazeera network, which, unlike some media that seeks to censor the crimes committed by the Zionists in Gaza, has tried to make the voice of the people of Gaza heard in the world in line with its important duty.

In any case, this regime has crossed all the red lines with its crimes, which can be sued, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has performed and will perform its duties in this field and in supporting the oppressed people of Palestine.

Al Jazeera: What is your Excellency's opinion about the criticism of some Arab and Islamic countries regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran's support for the Palestinian resistance, and does Iran's lack of military action during the recent war mean handing over actions to the Palestinian resistance groups?

President Raisi: Iran considers it its duty to support the resistance groups, but as mentioned earlier, the resistance groups are independent in their diagnosis, decision and action. On the contrary, the countries that do not support the Palestinians should be asked why don't you support and defend the people who are killed while legitimately defending their country and homeland? They must answer how America has helped the Zionist Regime with all its might and several European officials who feel threatened by the decline and decay of this regime even go to the occupied territories in support of it, but you do not fulfil your duty in defending the oppression of the Palestinian nation?

Al Jazeera: Mr. President, what is your response to the supporters of Iran's military intervention and practical action in support of the Palestinian resistance?

President Raisi: We have declared many times that we support and defend the Palestinian resistance movement and we believe that not only us, but all the countries of the Islamic world and all the independent countries of the world that are not under the control of the United States should support and defend the Palestinian resistance movement.

It is worth considering how the movement of resistance has neutralized the Zionist regime on its own.

Yesterday, the Zionists attacked Gaza in an unprecedented and large-scale operation from the air, sea and land, but despite having the financial support and weapons of the United States and several European countries, they were forced to retreat. This failure and withdrawal was the second failure of the Zionists from the resistance after Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, and the second failure was much bigger and heavier than the first because in the first failure they claimed surprise, but in the second failure they attacked Gaza with an army armed to the teeth and the flow of resistance forced them to retreat; This event marked another great victory in the name of the Palestinian nation.

The Zionist regime and its supporters can't do anything against these resistance groups with their alleged power and strength and they consider the killing of women and children and the attack on the hospital as an achievement for themselves, while these actions are a sign of the desperation and complete failure of this regime.

Al Jazeera: Mr. President, the Americans claim that by sending several messages, they asked Iran not to interfere in the military conflicts that exist in Gaza and not to seek to expand the battlefield to other fronts. What was your reaction to these messages?

President Raisi: The response to the messages of the Americans was given publicly by the resistance groups, but it is strange that the Americans tell others not to take action and they themselves provide all the weapons, equipment and facilities needed by the Zionists for their criminal acts in Gaza before the eyes of the people of the world.

While the Islamic Republic does not decide for the resistance groups, it will support them, and this support is completely wise, just and based on humane and Islamic principles.

Al Jazeera: As a final question, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime has claimed that the goal of this war is to completely destroy the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip. Do you think this regime has such an ability?

President Raisi: The Zionist regime and the Americans cannot destroy the flow of resistance in any way, because the resistance is not related to a specific person or group, but is in the blood and bone of the Palestinian people. When a parent who has lost their child or a child who has lost their father or mother or both of them and their whole life is destroyed before their eyes, but they do not stop resisting, is it possible to destroy such a spirit?

This is a wrong calculation based on which the Americans and the Zionist regime have been oppressing the Palestinian people for 75 years and they think that by restricting, imprisoning, torturing and killing people, the flow of resistance will disappear, while in all these years as the oppression of the Zionist regime increased, the current of resistance became stronger and today the current of resistance is stronger than ever because it trusts in God and enjoys the public support of not only its people, but also of all the free nations of the world, and it has been able to take America and several European countries to isolation for supporting the Zionists with its legitimate defense.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a country supporting the resistance today, has such a power by relying on God and its people that the Americans also admit to. Our people have been able to create many capacities for the country despite the threats and sanctions and they also know that Iran is a powerful country and the Iranian nation is a strong-willed nation.

Americans' calculations, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, or in other parts of the world, have always been wrong, because they think that people can be ruled by force.

Today, the people of the region and many people of the world love the Islamic Republic, not because of the weapons, but because of the logic and just and freedom-loving, right-loving and independence-loving positions that today raise its flag in the world and support and help the resistance.

Al Jazeera: Thank you very much for giving us your precious time.

President Raisi: I would also like to thank you and Al Jazeera network for your brilliance in reflecting the oppression of the Palestinian people, and I hope that you will always maintain this right and principled position.

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