Dozens Killed in Israeli Attacks near Kamal Adwan Hospital

Dozens Killed in Israeli Attacks near Kamal Adwan Hospital

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza is a grim witness to the intensification of Israeli aggression, described by its Director Ahmed al-Kahlout as nothing short of “catastrophic.”

"Shelling and bombardment are increasing everywhere in the vicinity of the hospital," he said, highlighting the dire circumstances.

He emphasized to Al Jazeera the hospital's pivotal role, noting it's the sole operating facility in the region, from Wadi Gaza to the northern part, amid the ongoing attacks.

Al-Kahlout reported over 60 fatalities and nearly 1,000 wounded individuals since the previous night, while medical teams, facing exhaustion, operate in darkness due to a lack of fuel, using handheld searchlights.

Highlighting the grim scenario, he revealed how non-surgical doctors were compelled to conduct procedures like c-sections and amputations due to a shortage of surgeons.

Images obtained by Al Jazeera depicted bodies strewn across the hospital's courtyard, with distraught parents trying to identify their children among the casualties.

Expressing anguish, a person handling the bodies condemned the attacks, criticizing the lack of mercy and compassion for innocent civilians.

Apart from Kamal Adwan Hospital, areas near the Indonesian Hospital also faced attacks, while the Jabalia refugee camp and Nuseirat refugee camp suffered severe bombardment, resulting in numerous casualties.

The aftermath of the Israeli assaults has left over 2,000 Palestinians trapped under the debris, complicating rescue efforts for civil defense teams.

Despite a truce deal on the horizon, Israeli attacks have persisted across the besieged enclave, intensifying the harrowing situation on the ground.

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