Lives at Risk: Gaza Hospital Faces Fuel Shortage despite Truce

Lives at Risk: Gaza Hospital Faces Fuel Shortage despite Truce

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The truce in Gaza hasn't eased the restricted fuel delivery to the northern region, endangering the Kamal Adwan Hospital's operations, according to Dr. Hossam Abu Safiya, head of the paediatric intensive care department at the facility.

He urgently appealed for fuel supplies to ensure ongoing patient care, especially for premature babies.

"This is the only hospital in northern Gaza that is still receiving patients," stressed Abu Safiya, highlighting the imminent risk to those under their care, particularly the vulnerable premature infants, if fuel isn't provided promptly.

Despite the ceasefire, Israeli forces continue to limit fuel deliveries to northern Gaza, resulting in residents resorting to makeshift fires for essential needs like cooking, warmth, and light. The blackout persists despite the temporary truce, exacerbating the precarious situation.

While a small amount of cooking gas has arrived in Gaza in recent days, estimated at about 85 tons per day as per UN humanitarian agency OCHA, it falls far short of the region's needs. Consequently, Palestinians continue to burn doors and window frames due to insufficient supplies, intensifying the crisis.

The acute shortages of fuel in Gaza stand in stark contrast to the abundant natural gas reserves off the enclave's coastline, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis under Israel's blockade.

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