Hezbollah Retaliates against Israeli Atrocities in Gaza with More Operations

Hezbollah Retaliates against Israeli Atrocities in Gaza with More Operations

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Lebanon's Hezbollah conducted seven retaliatory strikes against Israeli positions, targeting various locations, including barracks and gathering sites near occupied Lebanese areas, in response to the ongoing Israeli genocidal war in Gaza.

The operations, striking the Ramim barracks, Al-Rahab site, and Israeli forces' bunker at the Mitat barracks and Harj Al-Shatula, were carried out by Hezbollah in solidarity with the resilient Palestinian populace in Gaza, aligning with their courageous resistance.

In response, the Israeli regime carried out bombardments in southern Lebanon, specifically targeting towns near Tirharfa, along with distributing warning leaflets cautioning residents against aiding Hezbollah. Witnesses in Kfarshuba reported the drone-dropped leaflets, highlighting safety concerns due to these warnings.

Hezbollah has engaged in multiple actions along the Lebanon-Israel frontier since October 8, involving drone assaults, guided missile launches, and artillery shelling. Since the exchanges began, over a hundred people have been killed by the Israeli airstrikes, including more than a dozen civilians, according to an AFP tally.

During the recent operations, Hezbollah confirmed the deaths of two of its members. More reports indicated the use of internationally-prohibited white phosphorus munitions by Israel in its attacks on Lebanon, intensifying the conflict dynamics.

Hezbollah remains steadfast in its commitment to retaliate against Israel as long as the Israeli regime continues its assaults on Gaza, prompting evacuations from the northern parts of Israeli-occupied territories due to sustained rocket fire and shelling by Hezbollah and allied Palestinian groups.

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